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Combine technology with flavours of the past.

La Nordica woodburning cookers combine technology and attention to the materials with the values of tradition and the flavours of the past, to offer the possibility of cooking freely, and at the same time, heating your home.

In fact, cooking with a wood-burning stove gives food a unique taste and releases the traditional aromas, without sacrificing the comfort and efficiency of its performance for heating the rooms.

The use of quality materials and the skillful design allow you to take advantage of every bit of heat in an efficient and environmentally friendly way using an energy source

pdf La Nordica Brochure (2.79 MB)    pdf Alaska Manual (11.22 MB)

Product Features

  • Thick enamelled cast iron structure: guaranteed durability
  • Handrail and end caps | Black chrome
  • Easily inspectable and replaceable Nordiker combustion chamber
  • Removable ash drawer
  • Pull-out drawer for wood (or objects)
  • Height-adjustable cast-iron grill
  • Adjustable primary and secondary air, pre-calibrated tertiary
  • Large cooking plate (~39,3 inch) for simultaneous cooking of several foods
  • Large (20,6 gal) enamelled oven with anti-steam valve and removable rails