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Gas Logs & Burners

In the chill of the season, family and friends gather around the comfort of the fireplace, making the home aglow with life. There's nothing like savoring a steaming cup of coffee or a robust glass of wine in front of a hearth fire, with beautiful Real Fyre gas logs. Or perhaps you want to try a contemporary alternative, using Fyre Glass or Fyre Gems to enhance the beauty of the flames.


Sets include logs, grate, Burner System, choice of controls, glowing embers, granules, flexible connector kit and damper clamp.

Fyre Glass 5 colors

Try a contemporary alternative - Fyre Glass adds a dramatic flare to even the most modern fireplace.


Real Fyre's exclusive Fyre Gems can be used to transform any fireplace into a stunning, contemporary hearth.


RH Peterson's many valve and burner options will enhance any fireplace, be it inside or out.

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