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deltaThe INF input regulator is considered an "Infinite Switch". It operates with a bi-metal contact. It pulses the heater on and off as the internal contact heats up and cools down.

deltaIncrease your functionality, convenience and energy efficiency to your Infratech heating system with a custom control package.

deltaThis dual duplex/stack switch can be used to control your WD Series heater by simple controlling on/off each element independently, giving you a high / low / on / off setting.

deltaWith crisp, modern styling, an anodized aluminum housing and narrow profiles, Infratech's Slimline heaters virtually disappear into the surrounding decor.

deltaDouble the Warmth with Infratech's WD-Series heaters. This high powered unit features dual element, to provide a more concentrated heat.

deltaInfratech Single Element Heaters are low profile and suitable for a variety of installations due to their streamlined look and low clearances.