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Q Swiper  

Safer and Healthier

The Q-SWIPER grill cleaner is bristle free and wire free, so it avoids the dangers associated with those types of brushes. The steel wires are known to become dislodged over time, and can stay rooted on the grill. From there they can easily be transferred to your food, causing potential choking hazards if ingested. Q-SWIPER's grill cleaning wipes are moistened with a food-safe cleaning agent to help remove grease and reduce dangerous flare-ups.

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Think of it this way; say you cook beef burgers in a frying pan on Friday. Would you simply use the same pan to grill chicken breasts on Sunday without cleaning the pan with a clean cloth first? Of course not! So why treat your grilling experience any different? 


Q-SWIPER Options

  • Grill cleaner starter kit (comes with brush and 25 wipes)
  • Box of 40 replacement wipes
  • replacement brush