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These wireless remotes operate on radio frequency (RF), just like your cell phone or keyless entry system in your car. Like your cell phone, they operate in "free air" so you never have to point the remote at a receiver in your line of sight.

pdf Skytech Brochure (9.91 MB)

"No Fuss" Operation

Skytech remote controls come pre-programmed with security codes.  Thanks to radio frequency and microprocessor technology, Skytech is able to offer fireplace remotes that are completely battery powered, in other words they keep operating even when there is a power outage. They're easy to own. Best of all, Skytech remotes will operate any brand of gas fireplaces, gas stoves, gas inserts or gas logs. And while its true they contain the hottest technology around, they also come at a very cool price.


You can also pick a remote to do the functions you want it to do. Functions range from a basic, on/off remote that simply does just that, to a more in depth remote which will operate your fireplace or stove thermostatically, modulate the flame hi or low, act as a timer and even operate a fan. You can even choose between a traditional, push-button style to the more modern touch screen models. The choices are endless.