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The Intelligent Solution

Caframo introduces a self powered stove fan that is applicable to all hearth appliances. With increased stove efficiency as a result, this unit runs without electricity. Variable fan speed is automatically regulated by the temperature in your stove. The more your stove puts out, the more the fan puts out and vice versa. The Ecofan is designed to be ultra quiet as well.

  pdf Manual (536 KB)

Increased Stove Efficiency:

Warm air is circulated directly into the living area rather than having most of the stoves heat rise immediately to the ceiling, thereby increasing the heating effectiveness of the stove. Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption.

"No Fuss" Operation:

The Ecofan starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature. As the stove heats up the Ecofan runs faster to move more warm air into the room. As the stove burns down and cools the Ecofan automatically shuts off.

Costs Nothing to Operate:

Because the Ecofan uses only the heat from the stove, it is the most economical way to effectively circulate the warm air. It does not plug in, uses no batteries, and can be used where there is no electricity. This fan is also capable of generating 100 CFM without electricity!

Unique Blade Design:

The Ecofan's unique anodized nickel or brass colored blade has been specifically designed to deliver a very broad cross section of gently air movement instead of a small cone of concentrated air.