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Have Your Stove Operate at its Optimum Temperature

Ensure your stove is performing at its best by using a thermometer placed right on the stove or attached to the flue pipe above the stove. By having a thermometer in place, you will know how long the stove takes to get to certain temperature, enabling you to turn the air control down. Being able to do this consistently greatly increases the stove's efficiency and reduces the amount of fuel consumption you use, saving you energy and money.

There are several varities of thermometers to choose from, including:

  • Woodsaver Stove Pipe (bottom left)
  • ChimGard Energy Meter (middle top)
  • StoneGard Soapstone Stove (middle bottom)
  • Double Wall Pipe Probe (both on right)
  • Inferno Stove Top (Top left)