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Single wall stove pipe with smooth, clean lines.

EXCELPrime is designed to be used as a connector between a freestanding oil, wood or coal burning stoveand a masonry or metal chimney.

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EXCEL Features

  • Heavy wall, 22ga steel
  • Laser welded to be perfectly round and does notrequire assembly like snap lock pipes
  • Has a 5 year, no questions asked replacement warranty
  • Without shielding, EXCELPrime requires 18" clearance to combustibles in all diameters
  • With an EXCELPrime UL Listed Heat Shield, clearance to combustibles can be reduced to 4" from the exteriorof the shield for 6" EXCELPrime or 6" clearance for 7 & 8" EXCELPrime