Pacific Energy Woodstoves
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Pacific Energy Woodstoves

A 10 year warranty on the industry's best baffle is just the beginning of the fabulous features Pacific Energy has to offer.

newcastle 2.5 smallFor a powerful combination of convective and radiant heat, look no further than the beautiful Newcastle 2.5 Woodstove.

newcastle 16 smallPacific Energy's Newcastle 1.6 wood stove wraps a cast iron profile around Pacific Energy's high performance 1.6 cubic foot firebox.

neo12The Neo 1.2 delivers a large heat output on a small scale.

neostone 2.5Powerful performance and natural beauty are the signature features of Pacific Energy's Neostone 2.5.

neostone 1.6Utilizing the natural heat retention properties of soapstone, the Neostone 1.6 will continue to heat your room long after the fire has gone out.

Neo 2.5 matteWho says that contemporary design doesn't produce heat? Certainly not anyone who has experienced the Neo 2.5 Wood Stove!

Neo stove ivoryMake a bold statement with the innovative freestanding Neo 1.6. Its clean lines and bold design ensure that it will be the focal point of any room.

T4 ClassicAlderlea T4 & T5 Classic stoves combine the very best elements of steel, cast iron and beautiful porcelain enamel.

T4The Alderlea T4, in historic cast iron, incorporates all of the outstanding features of the larger Alderlea woodstoves.

deltaAlderlea T5 combines the very best features of both cast iron and steel stoves.

deltaCrafted for maximum heating capacity, maximum burn time and maximum view of your wood fire.

summit classic titaniumThe Summit Classic has the power to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night and into the morning.

deltaEasy-to-light, easy-to-load, clean-burning performance, and elegantly clad in a choice of three colors

Vista Classic RedUser-friendly operation and classic good looks come in a range of porcelain gem tones.

vista legPacific Energy's most compact free standing woodstove. Don't be fooled by its modest dimensions.

deltaThe epitome of industry-leading innovation, giving you easy lighting, easy loading and effective heating in a mid-sized stove.

T6The largest of the Alderlea cast iron stoves, the T6 provides maximum heating capacity with its all-night burns.