Gas Inserts
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Gas Inserts

If you love the fire but hate the work of a wood burning fireplace, a gas insert is the solution for you. Just flick the switch for instant flames.

2017 Tofino blk room i30Transform your existing fireplace with the Tofino i30s gas insert for ultimate style, comfort and performance.

Tofino maxThe latest easy-to-use heating solution is here!

2017 Tofinoi30 room ssA great choice for mid-sized spaces, the Tofino i30m is all about ease of use and heating performance.

The Jøtul GI 635 DV IPI Newcastle gas insert is the perfect blend of modern cast iron and traditional charm.

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GI535 2The Jøtul GI 535 DV IPI New Harbor combines time honored craftsmanship with modern design creating a warm and welcome centerpiece.

brentwoodPacific Energy's Brentwood Insert is a perfect solution for an existing fireplace.

tofino sitThe I20S is an excellent performer with a full range of features for smaller spaces.

deltaThe Jøtul GI 450 DV II Katahdin TSI™ gas insert offers the latest achievement in gas technology.


The Capella IDV26 gas insert is versatile and beautiful.


The Capella is a wonder, able to transform an existing fireplace into an updated focal point in any room.

Tofino maxLet the Tofino i20M transform your existing fireplace with simple touch operation and temperature control.

2017 Tofinoi30 room ssEven at the lowest setting, the flames of Pacific Energy's Tofino i30s insert are appealingly rich to gently warm the room.

2017 Tofino blk room i30Craft your fireplace to your taste and style with the Tofino i30M insert.