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neo12The Neo 1.2 delivers a large heat output on a small scale.

fp30Pacific Energy's legendary wood heat performance with the functionality of a built-in fireplace.

delta fusion front viewWith emissions as low as 1.3 grams per hour, RSF's new Delta Fusion is the large home heater that is leading the industry.


Add a sleek stretch of dancing flames to any room with the Infinite.

SabrinaModern, classic, no two alike. Each with its own distinguishing feature so that you can find the one most suited to your lifestyle and home.

GF500A descendant of Jotul's F500 Oslo Wood Stove, the GF 500 Portland offers whole house heating capabilities at the push of a button.

Saber 500 Black

Saber's 500 Black Cast grill is a full-sized grill any cook would love.