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Save up to $700 on Pacific Energy Wood Stoves & Inserts

Simply go to one of the Pacific Energy Wood Stove or Insert dealers listed on the "Where to Buy a Pacific Energy" link below and save up to $700 off your purchase between November 20th to December 15th, 2023.

 Where to Buy a Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy features many different wood burning stoves, inserts and fireplaces which will work in any size or style of home. Click on one of the brochures above to find one that best suits your needs. See below for the discount you can get for the unit of your choice!  
$700 Discount - Wood Stoves - Super 27 HD (Heavy Duty)
$300 Discount - Wood Stoves - Alderlea T4 LE, Alderlea T4 Classic LE*, Alderlea T5 LE, Alderlea T5 Classic LE* & Alderlea T6 LE  
$300 Discount - Wood Inserts - Alderlea T5 LE Insert & Alderlea T5 Classic LE Insert 
$200 Discount - Wood Stoves - Vista Classic LE Stoves, Super Classic LE Stoves & Summit Classic LE Stoves
$300 Discount - Wood Fireplaces - FP16 LE, FP16 LE Arch, FP25 LE, FP25 LE Arch, FP30 LE & FP30 LE Arch
$125 Discount - Wood Stoves - Neo 1.6 LE Stoves, Neo 2.5 Stoves, Vista LE Stoves, Super LE Stoves, & Summit LE Stoves
$125 Discount - Wood Inserts - Neo 1.6 LE Inserts, Neo 2.5 LE Inserts, Vista LE Insert, Super LE Inserts & Summit LE Inserts 
* not all Classic colours are eligible for discount