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TL50 hiwinter grill

Load From the Top of the Stove 

Utilizing a patent pending rotating baffle, the Jotul F50 TL Rangeley can be easily loaded from the top with the turn of a handle. For those looking for long, overnight burn times, the F50 TL Rangeley also has a convenient front-load option that allows for Jotul's legendary front-to-back 'cigar burn.'

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Boasting an overall 84% energy efficiency, the F50 TL Rangeley is the perfect heater for those cold winter months. With the optional Wintergrill, you can turn your EPA certified wood stove into an indoor cooking station too!


Product Features

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy top load and front load convenience
  • Standard Heat Resistant stove gloves
  • Incorporates Jotul's non-catalytic clean burn technology
  • Large enough to be used as a primary heat source
  • Standard bottom and rear heat shields
  • Fully functional milled cookplate
  • Leg levellers
  • Log length up to 18" (20" when front loading)
  • 83,000 BTU's - heats up to 2,000 square feet


Product Options

  • Fire screen
  • Outside air kit
  • Blower kit
  • Stove top thermometer
  • Wintergrill kit (shown in picture)

Watch the F 50 TL burn