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The Intelligent Solution

The Between Room Ventilator (BRV) is a low-cost solution to common air pressure problems in American homes with HVAC systems. The BRV requires minimal installation and effectively equalizes pressure between rooms in a house. Balanced air pressure is necessary to achieve optimal performance in woodstoves and fireplaces.

When the heat comes on in your house, a significant quantity of air is pushed and pulled throughout the house. Ideally, equal amounts of air should be delivered into and out of each room. Most houses do not have supply and return ducts in each room, however. For example, a bedroom typically only has a supply duct, relying on the door to allow air to flow back to a return duct in a hallway.


If anything impedes the airflow, such as a closed door with insufficient clearance underneath, then the return air duct must exert excess pressure on the rest of the house to make up for the poor circulation. This negative pressure can cause fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, and other appliances to fail to ignite or exhaust properly.

Vent System Applications:

Wood or gas, vented or vent free... Every combustion appliance needs fresh air and balanced pressure.  If you're installing any equipment or appliance that uses oxygen or removes air from the home, you need to plan ventilation into the job.

A lot of homes are going to need Condar's air supply ventilators in the next few years. The majority of homes would benefit by getting at least one ASV. If your house is tight, you need it. If you have a kitchen fan, a bathroom fan, or a dryer vent, you need it. And if you have a fireplace, a woodstove, or vent-free gas you probably already realize you need something like this.

Outside, air enters the ventilator protected from rain by a louvered grill. Insects and vermin are excluded by a separate screen directly behind, made of the same tough ABS polymer.