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Trusted Quality

Justesen draws bright basic wire into various wire gauges (.035 - .041) which is woven into spirals, the spirals being woven together and knuckled on the ends.

You can choose between a standard weave mesh which is produced with a 1/4" "pitch" in the spirals or the Mini-Mesh which is produced with 3/16" "pitch" spirals.

Panels or rolls can be purchased with or without rings. Standard ring sizing is 1/2" and rings are spaced 2 1/2" apart. Justesen also manufactures its own rings.

Standard Mesh

The standard weave mesh is produced with a 1/4" "pitch" in the spirals.

Mini Mesh

Justesen also produces a fine weave mesh referred to as Mini-Mesh. Mini-Mesh orders are processed in the same timely manner as our other products and with the highest quality standards possible.


Mini Mesh is made from 19 1/2 gauge (.038") wire, spun in approximately 3/16" spirals to provide a heavy duty, long lasting product that insures the maximum spark protection. Mini Mesh is then finished with black paint.


Pleating of panel mesh can be achieved by gathering several spirals at the top of a panel, then attaching a hog ring. This process is done by hand and the fullness and frequency of the drape can be expressed in percentages from 10% to 50%. A pleated panel with a 50% pleat will require 50% more woven mesh, and panel with 35% drape will require 35% more woven mesh and so on.