Marquis Collection by Kingsman
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Marquis Outdoor Fireplace

Make a welcoming statement in your home with the warmth and evolutionary style of a Marquis Fireplace.

atrium pic

When the view is good, you want to be able to see it from every angle.

BentleyST Oak

Being able to enjoy the beauty and warmth from both sides means we've doubled the reasons to love the Bentley ST.

Bentley small

Bring the BIG View Indoors


Grand in style and stature, the Cove makes a contemporary statement in any home.


Incredibly versatile, the Solara is perfectly at home with a classic mantle or contemporary wall surround.


Imagine lively gatherings or times of quiet reflection in front of the beautiful Solace.

Skyline ZCV

There is nothing subtle about this Skyline. It’s pure sophistication that makes a statement with wide-view appeal and flexibility.


Add a sleek stretch of dancing flames to any room with the Infinite. 


It’s easy to agree on a fireplace from either side when it’s this spectacular! 

deltaDesigned for your outdoor oasis, this fireplace captures your attention with its Satin Coat Black or Stainless Steel Finish.

Skyline III

Efficiency, reliability, spectacular views of the fire. The new Skyline III will make your entertainment hub everything you want it to be.

Bentley 48 glass

When the view is this big, it must be the Bentley 48.