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Jøtul manufactures and markets cast iron stoves and fireplaces with focus on quality, timeless design, consumer-friendly benefits and the highest level of safety. Jøtul offers a complete range of both traditional and contemporary stoves and fireplaces.

deltaCombines the simple elegance and utility of the original Jøtul118, with modern solid fuel combustion technology.

F600The Jøtul F 600 Firelight CB offers both front and side loading convenience in a classic design.

F500 Brown Features both front and left side-loading convenience to go with its legendary non-catalytic clean-burn combustion efficency.

castineJøtul's medium-sized single door, non-catalytic woodstove just got better, with enhanced fire viewing and air wash performance.

deltaThe Jotul F 602 CB "Little Giant" is the very definition of classic.

jotul F3CB brownThe world's best value for your heating dollar and the best selling small / medium cast iron woodstove in North America.

F100 Clean FaceBased on the traditional Norwegian sweater, this stove is a perfect space heater for cottages, camps and smaller living areas.

F370A modern addition to the Jotul wood burning lineup, the F370 showcases innovative features and modern design details.

F55smallIf you're looking for a whole house heater, look no further than the F55 Carrabassett.

rangeleyJotul offers the convenience of top-loading in a non-catalytic wood stove, once again leading the way in combustion technology.

f45The F45 Greenville is Jotul's new, medium sized front-loading cast iron and steel stove.

GF500A descendant of Jotul's F500 Oslo Wood Stove, the GF 500 Portland offers whole house heating capabilities at the push of a button.

deltaJøtul's often imitated open door fire viewing feature has been designed into the Jøtul GF 200 DV II Lillehammer.

deltaJøtul GF 300 DV/BV Allagash presents the perfect union of high efficiency and timeless design.

deltaBeauty and efficient operation come alive within the Jøtul GF 400 BV and Direct Vent Sebagos

GF370 whiteSee the beauty of the industry's first cast iron convex triangle stove.

deltaJøtul GF 300 DV IPI Allagash provides the function and style of the DV with energy efficient electronic ignition.

Gf200 brownOne of Jotul's best selling freestanding stoves, the GF200 Lillehammer now features state of the art IPI combustion technology.

GF400 bAble to efficiently heat your medium sized space, the GF400 IPI Sebago possesses the stylings and subtle charm sought after by today's consumer. 

GF500 OpenA descendant of Jotul's F500 Oslo Wood Stove, the GF 500 DV Portland offers whole house heating capabilities at the push of a button.

Black GF305The Jotul GF305 IPI stove is a modern twist on a free standing cast iron stove. 

C550 arch Clean lines and delicate curves frame the magnificent fire view of Jotul's largest flush face wood burning insert.

deltaDesigned specifically for smaller masonry fireplaces, the Vesta Award winning Jotul C350 Winterport is an innovation in wood insert technology.

deltaJøtul's signature Gothic arch double door design has been incorporated into the C 450 Kennebec wood burning insert.

The Jøtul GI 635 DV IPI Newcastle gas insert is the perfect blend of modern cast iron and traditional charm.

gi635 2

GI535 2The Jøtul GI 535 DV IPI New Harbor combines time honored craftsmanship with modern design creating a warm and welcome centerpiece.

deltaThe Jøtul GI 450 DV II Katahdin TSI™ gas insert offers the latest achievement in gas technology.